Our Accommodation

We have, at present, four individual homes all occupied by a single household. These are furnished to a high standard, and we aim to provide comfort and that homely feel. Women and children only need their own clothes and other personal belongings as everything else is available within the accommodation.

Perth Womens Aid AccomodationSupport while in our accommodation:
The Women’s Support Workers will ensure that you receive emotional and practical support with the issues you are facing. One-to-one support sessions will be provided, and information on various topics, such as, accessing secure permanent accommodation, benefits, debt advice, parenting issues, legal advice, and or health and wellbeing. You will have an individual support plan which will be reviewed on a regular basis.

On arrival at the accommodation, you will be shown how the equipment works, and given information on how to access the local shop, bus routes etc.

If you have children, the Children & Young People’s Workers will assist you with practicalities, such as, registering the children with a GP, enrolling a child at school, and will discuss with you the on-going support they can provide to you and your children.
Your stay within the accommodation will be for as long as it takes for you to be offered an alternative permanent home. This can take from a few weeks to several months depending on the circumstances.

Follow-on Support:
When moving on from our accommodation, you will be given practical assistance to settle into a new community. We will help you to access benefits and source furniture and other household items. We will find out what is available for you and your children in the area.
We aim to make your transition from our accommodation into your new home as smooth as possible.