Group Work

The group work support programme at Perthshire Women’s Aid has been offered to women affected by domestic abuse and is proving to have a positive outcome by helping to enable women to understand what they have been through. The programme covers a twelve week period.

The programme will help you to:Mature Women

  • Identify the controlling behaviour of abusers
  • Understand the beliefs of abusers
  • Recognise the impact this has had on your life
  • Understand the impact that Domestic Abuse has had on your children
  • Increase your sense of self worth
  • Benefit from peer support

What was the best part of the programme for you?

Two friends women conversation home“Learning more about myself and recognising my own needs”

“Meeting others who were in the same boat”

“Being able to share without being judged, and learn from each other”

“Feeling more and more empowered after each session”